Top Social Media Marketing Trends To Look Out In 2021

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The year 2021 has been welcomed in a very shaky manner for various industries globally, and some of the commercial trends we see currently are possible to carry on in the coming year. Though a comprehensive recovery might take some time, it is still significant for brands to prepare themselves with a healthy social media marketing strategy for 2021. It can be grounded on data-driven insights and consumer trends with social media.


Here we express social media trends that are probable to determine the most influence in 2021, conferring to both the specialists and consumers. These are the trends that promotion experts should definitely influence into their marketing strategy in 2021. A professional social media marketing agency in Singapore can offer the best strategies to build a robust social image. 


The Rise of Digital Disinformation

With concern to high stages of uncertainty, consumers were distressed to obtain and share, COVID-19 related information with inaccuracy. The extent of such misinformation could fetch about some severe implications.


In Singapore, around 40 cases of fake news associated with COVID-19 were debunked at the start of 2020 till May 2020, encouraging the Singapore government to start the Protection from Online Falsehoods and Manipulation Act to control the spread of false information.


In light of the increase in digital disinformation, 2021 will see the leading social media networks taking positive steps to limit this trend through the labelling of social content believed to be inaccurate or ambiguous. Businesses should also exercise brand monitoring to perceive any fake news cases being tied to their brand with the help of a social media marketing company in Singapore.


UGC for Better Customer Experience

Customers always believe that if they get better support from the brand, it is a pleasant experience. They prefer for the brand to give some more leisurely experience. They look for proof before making the purchase and want to be stress-free about not dealing with the wrong product. That is when you can think of User-generated content (UGC).


It creates content that connects by:


  • Strengthening and building the communities
  • Being relatable and uplifting
  • Offers brand to meet the customers while they are out
  • Allows the brand to generate ample content against the stay-at-home orders


This is one efficient approach for the brands to make a strong bonding with their customers and thus show it as social evidence.


The New Storefront Instagram

Instagram is one of the most important and popular advertising tools amongst various social media marketing agencies in Singapore. This trend is prepared to plan the Instagram strategy for 2021. We forecast these trends will be all the rage following year:


  • An eye on Instagram E-Commerce Implements
  • Small form Video content on Instagram proceeds the lead
  • A Rise in Variety on Instagram
  • Influencer Marketing in 2021 Will Get a Thoughtful Boost
  • More Genuineness in Instagram Subtitles and Posts
  • The Increase of Instagram as a Microblogging Platform


Reels Enhances Organic Instagram

There are so many fancy features that have recently rolled out for Instagram marketing, and if you have a closer look, you can see that now the trend is more towards the video, especially the short span ones. These are called the “Instagram Reels”.


These videos are generally 15 seconds to 30 seconds long and don’t have much to be intimidating. Just the way you take your camera for pictures now, you can use it by blending Instagram apps to create video stories.


To make these stories engaging, you can even add animation, Gifs and music. Reels offer endless options, and thus it gives you better features to share screenshot, photos and videos in a creative manner. This kind of marketing is used for illustrating the product transformation can help your business deliver the right message.


So while checking with 2020 has faced various ups and downs. Between all this, the main social platforms have also quickly evolved. For this purpose, the above few trends have amended and look out in 2021. Hire a specialist social media marketing company in Singapore to increase your social presence and beat the competition.