Things You Need to Do to Improve eCommerce Website User Experience

Things You Need to Do to Improve eCommerce Website User Experience

A positive user experience on an eCommerce website is not a trivial feature. It has the most significant influence on conversion rates, customer satisfaction, and long-term income. Various factors might negatively impact a website’s user experience and should be considered during the eCommerce website development process. 


The following are examples of tactics that may be used to diminish your conversion rates: slow website load speed, unclear navigation, mobile optimisation, cluttered designs, broken landing pages, and a time-consuming checkout procedure. In addition, unsatisfied consumers are less inclined to buy more things and are more likely to file website problems or you may face an increased bounce rate on your website.


Here are some tactics you can use to improve your eCommerce website user experience 


  • Make it Mobile Responsive

The shift from conventional desktop computers to mobile devices has occurred in only a few years, with most users making the ultimate shift quite recently. It’s no surprise that many businesses are looking to build a mobile-friendly version of their eCommerce website content to serve their customers better. It’s easy to see how this structure might be helpful in a wide variety of fields, from the more traditional content-driven blog to a full-blown eCommerce site.


  • Organised and Easy-To-Use Navigation

Not having a dazzling visual, exciting video or stylish typography is one of the significant ways your website’s design can directly affect visitors’ experiences with your brand. Your site’s navigability is the most important factor during your eCommerce website development to make your visitors feel at ease and encourage them to explore more.


Your website’s accessibility may make a difference in keeping visitors engaged. If visitors cannot find what they are looking for, or if the site is cluttered and unorganised, your website may experience a high bounce rate and unsatisfied visitors who will then opt for websites that are more user-friendly. The best way to keep visitors interested in your website and learn more about your business is to make it easy for them to navigate.


  • A Clean and Focused Design

A clean and focused eCommerce website design has received much attention during the past several years. Nowadays, most eCommerce website development companies in Singapore have embraced this trend and avoided cluttering the design. In contrast, their eCommerce website development process makes their website easier to use while also seeming cleaner.


  • Improve Individual Product Pages

Well, when we talk about improving individual product pages,we mean it by many things, which are:

  • Your Images: The images used in a website are very important; they should be crisp & of high quality. Make sure to improve your product page’s images so it’s clear to view and do not take more time to load.
  • Your Overview Pages: Ensure that all the titles and overview pages are well fed with information and data which is clear to the customers
  • Your Page’s SEO: If your page is not SEO optimised, you’ll have a hard time ranking up & scaling in the market.


  • Use Breadcrumbs

Breadcrumbs are a primary navigation element that enables visitors to quickly grasp the linkage between their current place on a page (for example, a shop’s homepage) and another webpage (contact us page, for instance). On a website with various navigation paths, it’s ideal if visitors can quickly identify the path that leads to their desired destination. Without that, they may abandon their efforts and bounce. Breadcrumbs are often shown in a horizontal line, indicating the path from the top of the page (homepage) to the current page where the user is at.


  • Allow Customers to Read and Add Reviews

Your website’s performance is determined by its content. If you want to improve your website’s and business’s performance, you must show the relevant content that will assist your customers in engaging with your brand. This is where customer reviews are helpful. This enables prospective customers to learn more about a product and make informed spending decisions. These reviews serve as the brand’s voice.


  • Multi-Touchpoint Contact Page

A multi-touch campaign aims to communicate your message to customers in various ways so that they are more likely to see it. With this in mind, you may draw up brochures and post them throughout the community, send out bulletins to your customers, and promote them on social media. With this strategy, you can reach a larger audience while increasing the number of times people see it for higher conversion rates. The more exposure you give them to your brand, the better.


  • A good UX (User Experience)

A good user experience comprises several components that work together to provide the client with a favourable online experience. Website’s navigation should be simple, and it should have all of the information users want to make a purchase choice. All of the information your visitors wish to have should be readily available without too much difficulty. Consumers should be able to make purchases through your website as well. A well-designed eCommerce website with a positive and friendly user experience will increase conversion rates.


In Conclusion

A bad user experience on your eCommerce website might have a detrimental influence on the success of your company, so in case you’re not well versed, then make sure to hire services of a professional eCommerce website development company in Singapore. The average user spends less time on your website and will quit if they do not have a positive experience. 


Ensure that your eCommerce website’s navigation is simple to optimise the user experience. This involves making it simple for them to locate what they’re specifically searching for, among other things. A customer satisfaction survey is a great approach to determine how satisfied your visitors are with the buying experience on your website.