The Importance of Web Hosting in SEO

The Importance of Web Hosting in SEO

The type and quality of web hosting play an important role while building a website. When it comes to buying web hosting there are certain factors that we need to keep in mind and it includes, including space, bandwidth, domain parking and many others. The best SEO company in Singapore can help in choosing a perfect web hosting plan. You can expect to receive top-notch quality web hosting services from them. 


What is web hosting?

Web hosting is storage space or internet hosting service, where website data gets stored in web servers and which then can be accessed by users through the world of the internet.


Thanks to web hosting services, your website is accessible to all users over the internet. So, depending on your needs, selecting the right web hosting package is very important. Let’s get to the values involved first.


Website Loading Speed

A website loading speed basically means the time frame in which the website is completely opened. Before choosing a web hosting service provider, it is important to look for the loading speed factor. 


It must be noted that website loading speed is a primary technical SEO factor that many search engines consider. The website’s loading speed depends on the speed of the web server, where it will be hosted. The server needs to handle multiple requests from various users at the same time.


This problem can be easily resolved when the site is hosted on high-speed responsive servers. So, when building a new website, make sure to select a top-notch web hosting company by consulting an experienced best web design company Singapore.


Website Security

The security of the website is directly related to SEO. As per Google algorithms, a secured website that is using SSL gets more preference over sites that are unsecured. In case you own a business website where online transactions are likely to happen, you need to be sure that the website remains secured by adding an SSL certificate. 


The web server you have chosen for hosting the website needs to be secured with firewalls and other security measures. Choose a web hosting service provider that provides you with an SSL certificate to keep your website safe and secure. Consult with the best web development company in Singapore to integrate SSL on your site. 


Website Uptime

A website must be continuously working in order to grab maximum traffic. Website uptime is an important technical SEO factor. If your website is having a high downtime, it’s the right time to change the web servers as users won’t be able to access your services or products. 


Website downtime increases the chances of non-indexing of your website and will prevent the site to be appreaed on search engines and with time it will negatively impact your website ranking and organic traffic. 



These are some of the major importance of choosing a perfect web hosting for your website. A professional SEO agency Singapore can help in choosing a good server space so that all SEO afctors are met easily.