What Does SEO Mean? 7 Things Every Marketer Should Know

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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) refers to improving your business’s organic visibility in organic search results to increase the quality and quantity of website traffic. The digital marketing strategy aims at generating revenue and growth for your business via improved online visibility.



  • SEO consists of an umbrella of strategies

The optimisation aspect of SEO comprises an umbrella of strategies. You can optimise your website in multiple ways as search engines like Google rely on 200+ factors for determining the rankings of websites in their search results.

Let’s take a look at a few ways of optimising a website for search engines:

  1. Design an easy-to-use and fast website
  2. Optimise your website content for specific keywords, search phrases and user intent.
  3. Write attractive and informative meta-descriptions and title descriptions
  4. Fix any broken links 
  5. Publish website images with relevant filename and descriptive alt tag

SEO needs a whole team of specialists- web developers, web designers and copywriters. You must partner up with the best web development company in singapore to see desirable SEO results.



  • SEO focuses on organic, not paid, search result rankings

SEO will help your business gain more visibility in search results, and it only targets organic results. However, there are many paid and organic searches in search engine results.

A paid search results refer to an ad promoting a business and its related services.

These paid ads will appear first in search results. However, earning a top spot in organic searches is still essential, as they follow paid search results.


  • SEO takes months to show results

Many businesses expect immediate results with SEO, but it’s crucial to remember that when you optimise existing website content or launch a brand new set of web pages, the changes related to SEO are not visible overnight.


  • SEO continues to change in response to algorithm updates

The goal of search engines such as Google aims to offer the best possible user experience, which is why search engine algorithms continue to undergo constant updates. The updates directly influence SEO strategies, and companies must continue updating their SEO strategies.


  • Improve User Experience

Besides content, websites must also have a good user experience, which is essential for solid SEO rankings. You must constantly check if your website offers a smooth user experience. Websites having excellent user experience are ranked higher as compared to websites that don’t have one.


  • Create Unique Content

A good SEO strategy focuses on creating unique content so ensure that you create valuable and well-written content. Unique does not simply mean quality-focused. You need to offer readers content that they have never read before. Websites with a unique content rank higher.


  • Follow Google’s On-Site Optimisation Guidelines Google 

Google constantly updates its best practices, and for sem marketing singapore, you must stay updated. Most changes are minor; however, you need to stay updated.


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