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Partnership Referral Programme

Become a partner for Aii Develop and help fellow Entrepreneurs and Business Owners grow faster.

Spread The Word

From day one, we have been initiating a Word of Mouth marketing movement.
Think of the Referral Programme as our way of saying thanks for spreading the love.

Partner with us and earn a once-off or unlimited recurring referral fee! 

Get In Touch About Client Referrals

Please complete the form below and our team will be in touch with you.

    Refer Us, Get Rewarded

    A dedicated referral programme consultant will walk you through the process once you have filled up the registration form.

    Simply review and approve our referral agreement and we’ll send you a monthly update on the referrals you have provided to us and the follow up progress and contract status. You’ll also be kept posted with any referral benefits due to you. 


    Step 1: Register and start

    Register your interest and we’ll send you the NDA and partnership agreement. Once ready, you may start sharing and spreading the word.


    Step 2: Client signs up with us

    When your referral signs up as our client, we’ll update you with the status and you’ll earn referral benefits for your business.


    Step 3: We pay you

    Yes, you’ll get paid as soon as the referred clients start the contract with us and pay us.

    Earn A Commission
    For Every Successful Client Referral!

    Once you sign up for the referral programme, all you need to do is promote our company and services to your contacts. You don’t need to handle any queries as we are here to handle those from our side. 

    The Benefits of Partnership Programme

    Free consultation with a reliable business partner. As our partner referrer, you also get free access to our experts on any digital questions you may have.

    Add value to your contacts. Your referees also enjoy a special rate when they sign up for any of our digital services through this referral programme.

    Opportunity to earn passive income by referring your contacts to us at your convenience.

    No sales targets and No hassle! We’ll take care of all queries your contacts may have.

    Lifetime Partnership, Lifetime earnings! No expiry date of Partnership and no limit to the referral fee you can earn.The more clients you refer to us, the more you earn!

    No registration fee! Sign up for free! Take the opportunity to earn monthly special prizes if you are the top referral partner.


    Any business that you think may benefit from leveraging on our digital marketing strategies. They could be your employer, entrepreneur friends or family, your neighbour etc.

    Our referral fee ranges from 5% to 10% depending on the type of digital services your referees sign up for. Contact us to find out more.

    Our referral fee will be paid to you as soon as your referred client completes the sign-up process and makes the first payment

    Payment will be sent via Bank Transfer, or PayNow/PayAnyone.

    You will continue to receive your referral fee as long as your referee continues with the contract from the point of sign-up. Please note the referral fee is only eligible for first time sign ups. This means we are not liable to pay the referral fee should your referees choose to  subsequently renew their contract with us.

    Yes, certainly! Our referral programme is opened to all existing clients and potential clients. You can also choose to be paid via bank transfer, or have your referral commissions deducted from your own invoices. 

    Here are the reasons:

    1. With our Partnership Referral Programme, you can sign up for free and earn passive income by referring your contacts at your convenience. There’s also no expiry date for this programme.  

    2. No sales targets to meet. No hassle. We’ll take care of all queries your contacts may have. 

    3. We take pride in serving our best and helping our clients build sustainable long-term growth and achieve their digital marketing goals. We are transparent in our pricing.

    4. We will also reward our monthly top referrers with special prizes.

    5. For our referrers-turned-clients, you’ll also enjoy a special rate should you sign up for any of our digital services.