Optimize Your Website For Google Voice Search With These Simple Steps

Optimize Your Website For Google Voice Search With These Simple Steps

Search engines can be seen making changes continuously, making it harder for SEO experts to adapt. However, with such changes, the ways people search for things are also changing. It leaves us with no other option than to make our website more reachable with the Google voice search. 

It’s necessary because, with time, the use of Google voice search is only expected to increase. It has been said that half of the quests in the coming days will be this way only.  

Google voice search is increasing day by day, and you should be prepared for this change to provide the best results. Taking help from the SEO experts in Singapore can therefore be a suitable option. Read on to know how you can optimise your website for Google voice search.


Leverage Google My Business Listings 

Google My Business listing is what determines whether you rank for the ‘near me’ searches.’ Google My Business refers to a way that lets Google know your business type and location. So when Google is being voice-searched for a similar business, it tends to deliver results, including you. 

To rank higher in such a listing, you will need experts with reasonably charged SEO prices in Singapore. It will involve your name, phone number and address in the listing. One may also add special deals, updates and news to make their particular business stand out. 


Use Schema and Structured Formatting 

It has been found that around forty per cent of Google voice answers resulted from the Google Featured Snippet. So for your website to be featured, you’ll need to make sure you provide concise answers to the most asked questions by the audience. These are also called quick answers and form summaries from selected websites, including links to the information source.


Use Conversational Language for Content 

Using conversational language is suitable because that is how voice searches happen. It is a primary characteristic of voice search queries, of something we can take advantage of. 


Adapting To Keywords 

Keyword usage in an appropriate manner is one of the most commonly used methods by SEO experts in Singapore to rank higher on Google search results.


Anticipating Questions 

Anticipating Questions includes searching for niche-related questions regarding your topic, which most often ask the digital assistants. The creation of an FAQ section at a blog page’s bottom can be a significant help. Also, we can structure every question as a subheading with a paragraph below containing the answer. One can further use long-tail keywords in those subheadings.


Local Searches 

Local Searches can be performed by entering the accurate service area along with the business address, choosing to have only a single profile for the business and choosing fewer categories for the business description.


Target Long-Tail Keyword Phrases

Voice searches are way longer than the rest because of their conversatiReduce Page Loading Timeonal style. So, using long-tail keywords along with filler words can be a great help toward ranking higher in Google voice search results. Choosing SEO experts in Singapore can help further.


Reduce Page Loading Time

It is obvious that pages that load faster receive more traffic. Every SEO expert in Singapore knows that page loading speed plays a vital role in deciding the rankings of websites and their pages. With more digital content online, including the voice one, your site will undoubtedly determine a better rank in the future.