How To Optimize For People Also Ask For Better Search Visibility

How To Optimize For People Also Ask For Better Search Visibility

The People Also Ask (PAA) box is nowadays one of the most crucial facets of SEO. Most SEO experts in Singapore consider the People Also Ask (PAA) feature as the present focal point of many digital marketers for devising accurate content strategies.


Is It Worthwhile To Try and Rank In PAA Boxes?

If you’ve been looking for a tactic to secure a long-term position in SERP apart from boosting organic traffic, the PAA box is the right feature to explore. Investing in an SEO consultant in Singapore to make your content and website PAA-friendly is a popular way to give you a high ROI.


Here are the basic points that briefly explain the benefits of making your website PAA-friendly:

  • Avoid negative reputation with a better approach to questions regarding the brand
  • Improve rankings
  • Gain an edge in the competition
  • Better marketing reach

So, through optimizing PAA boxes you stand a higher chance to rank on featured content.


Where Can I Find People Also Ask or PAA Boxes On The Google SERP?

The PAA box is right below the top two search results on your desktop. And on accessing via mobile, it is right after the first search result.


How Often Do PAA Results Appear In SERPs?

Based on a study conducted by Semrush, PAA results appear for:

  • almost 50% of search results (on desktop)
  • almost 53% (on mobile)

Therefore, SEO specialists from Singapore conclude that it offers better visibility to your brand.


So, How Do You Rank in the ‘People Also Ask’ Boxes?

Here are the 8 ways how SEO specialists in Singapore will optimize your website and content to answer PAA questions:


1. Look for Pages That Rank for a Variety of Keywords

Some pages always show up on any query input using a wide range of keywords. Marketing consultants follow such pages to check related queries and optimize your content likewise.


2. Collect Their Keyword Rankings

The job of an SEO expert from Singapore is to find out keyword rankings and focus on the ones present in the top 20 rankings. The monthly search volume for each of these keywords should be at least 10.


3. Scrape the PAA Questions

This tip will ensure that you figure out all the probable questions that can arise related to the keywords or context.


4. Look For Frequently Asked Questions.

Smart SEO consultants in Singapore will search for the frequently asked questions regarding your brand, product, or service. Then, they can optimize the web content to align the content with the FAQs.


5. Create FAQ Schema

You need the experts to add the FAQ Page structured data through the Schema for deploying and validation. The process involves creation of properties, structuring the data guidelines, deployment and validation.


6. Be Sure That You’re Not Already the Top Search Result

If your page is already the source of the primary information or top article of the search question, then your contents won’t show up in the PAA box.


7. Verify That You Are Eligible to Rank

Make sure your page is within the top 10 ranks of the SERP, otherwise, it isn’t eligible to appear in the Paa box.


8. Make Your Page More Appealing

SEO consultants in Singapore will always work on content quality and visual appeal to make your page more interesting and attention-grabbing.

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