How To Improve Your Google Ads CTR?

Improve google ads ctr

Improvising Google Ads CTR may sound easy but it is more than tracking your ads, adding keywords, and tracking sales flow. You need to structure your Google Ads account precisely to get good CTRs. But how can you achieve it?


Well, here we have discussed the most important tips that will help you improve your Google Ads CTR.


Campaign Structure

Campaign structure is the most important factor of a successful PPC campaign. You should always take care of a few things if you are providing PPC services and setting up a campaign. This includes creating a campaign for brand keywords. Just make sure that you are adding your brand keywords as negative keywords in your non-branding campaigns.  This trick will ensure that all brand traffic will pass through the planned brand campaign. 


Also, it is highly recommended not to focus on more than one network per campaign and it goes more specifically to the standard search campaigns.


Remember, that your campaign should reflect your goals. So, always create a campaign that will be a perfect match with your business goals. Additionally, you must maintain enough budget that will assist you in sustaining your campaigns every day. 


Put Your Main Keyword in Your Display URL

It is one of the best but more overlooked tips that offer exceptionally improved CTR. You just need to put your main keyword in your display URL. As you know, headline and description sections allow a limited number of characters. Hence, you can take the advantage of your display URL where you can easily fit an extra keyword. Simple, isn’t it?


Competitor Analysis

Competitor Analysis is the prime step for everyone having a new PPC account. Performing competitor analysis revolves around exploring what your competitors are doing and making an analysis of whether you can apply the strategy to your campaign or not. But, it is not at all about copying your competitor but it is all about how well you could perform better than them! 


Compelling Ad Copy

Talking about your ad copy, it should be made more appealing than the competitors’ ads. Remember that, you can focus on your USPs (unique selling points) in the ad. Also, make an analysis about why people should click and view your ad instead of your competitors’ and what makes your ad look more distinctive! Mind these little but more powerful tips while writing ads. 


Linking Ads to Relevant Landing Pages

When we talk about PPC, landing pages plays the most crucial role.


Your ad should be incredibly persuasive that will lead to a high-converting landing page. Remember, if your website provides information on more than one product or service then you should truly focus on linking your ads to relevant landing pages.  It makes the process quite easier and effective by precisely giving customers what they actually need.


You can use a dynamic text replacement technique in which you have to create a basic and simple landing page template. However, according to the search term used by a user, the content and the ad copy will change. 


Ad Extensions

If you are using the complete set of extensions then it will increase your ad size making it look more relevant. This will apparently enhance the click-through rate (CTR). However, these are the various types of extensions you can use.


    Types of Extensions

  • Sitelink Ad Extension
  • Call Extension
  • Promotion Extension
  • Price Extension
  • Callout Extension
  • App Extension
  • Lead Form Extension


Audience Targeting

 If your targeted audience isn’t clicking your ads then there are quite low chances that you will fetch good clicks. Hence, it is always vital to implement in-detail audience targeting for your ads. This approach will let you focus more precisely while choosing your audience. However, you can emphasize custom combination lists, life events, interest domains, and remarketing lists.


For an instance, if you wish to create a customized Google Ads for your beauty parlour business then you should easily target audiences that are more interested in salon services. However, a leading Google Ads agency in Singapore can help you out in this case!


This is the ever best method to increase your CTR and reach your desired audiences.


Test Your Ads

Heard about responsive text ads before? Well, responsive text ads are known to enhance click-through rates and offer an excellent advantage of using more than 3 headline fields and 2 description fields in expanded search ads. This apparently helps in showing relevant ads for the respective searches.


Make use of the ad strength box which will let you know about improvising your ads. Luckily, everything will be updated each time you will make alterations to the ad copy making it look completely improved!


Final Say

It is essential to keep in mind that enhancing CTR will not happen overnight and will need a bit of trial and error method. Undoubtedly your ads will work but remember that they should look far alluring than your competitors. Follow the above-mentioned techniques and experience enhanced CTRs.