Grow Online Sales By Writing The Perfect Product Description

How to Write Product Description To Grow Online Sales?

‘E-commerce’ is very well-known nowadays. We are growing so fast with the help of the Internet and with us our business is also upgrading by depending on the wings of the Internet. And E-commerce is the best example of our fast-growing business. Now we can quickly sell something online by creating an eCommerce website. 

There are numerous E-commerce sites available selling every type of product. With the growing number of websites, the rate of competition is also rising in the e-commerce sector. So the mission of every brand is to show how beautifully they can present their products online to prospective buyers. A professional eCommerce web development company in Singapore will assist you to boost your sales.

Product Description Is Must First 

Products are the main hero of your business. And as you are going to increase your sales online through your e-commerce site, product description matters a lot. The description should be attractive and catchy. Through the description, your major task is to showcase the benefits of the products to your customers. Why they will purchase your products – that should be your major concern. Description can be in short lines or story type. You can use the products’ images or videos to make the description engaging. 

The Way Of Creating Product’s Description

There are interesting techniques like which format will make your product’s description attaching to the customer, how can your product get SEO ranking fast etc. An expert service provider of eCommerce web development in Singapore will surely guide you in creating perfect descriptions.

Let us see how to write product descriptions that sell:

  • Think About The Who, Where, What & Why Before Jotting Down: 

Before jotting plans to start writing product descriptions, you have to mention some basic points. These are the main ingredients of the product description. 

  • Who is the product for? 

Is the product only for females or for males or both, you have to mention? You also have to mention whether a college girl or a teen can use the product or not. Or it’s only made for kids.

  • Where can the product be used? 

That indicates whether your product can be used indoors or outdoors. 

  • What are the fundamental details of the product? 

The ingredients, benefits, manufacturing company, manufacturing date, expiry date, cost etc., have to be mentioned here.

  • Why does the customer use your product? 

It denotes to assert all the good qualities and features of your product and allow them to make an easy purchase.

  • Product Description Should Be Short And Precise: 

Never keep a product’s description too lengthy because short and compact descriptions are always eye-catchy and make the user read easily. An SEO expert Singapore will definitely help create an eye-catchy and user friendly product description.

  • Assert An Attaching Story With The Description: 

A broad passage on your product may be monotonous to your customer. There is a high chance of skipping reading the description. Instead of that, you can use bullets (•), paragraphs with heading and subheadings. The most interesting technique is to create a short story including your targeted keyword to tell how beneficial your product is. The story can have the power to engage more customers towards your products. 

  • Don’t Be Afraid To Provide Enough Proof: 

How authentic your product is and whether your product is handmade etc., all proof is better to be submitted to your site.

  • Determine The Best Format To Describe Your Product: 

It is always very important to define a proper format while writing descriptions. It helps the reader to understand better and make decisions wisely. Connect with the best eCommerce web development company in Singapore that can assist in creating a perfect format. 


We hope you understand how to write effective and saleable product descriptions. The descriptions are the soul of any eCommerce business. Aii Develop Digital Solutions will help you create a perfect website for your brand.