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Google Ads Campaign Management

Google Ads Campaign Management​ & PPC Services Singapore

Why Google Ads?

Google Ads allows advertisers to target specific search terms or searchers’ interest and behavior in order to show your ad to potential customers. The Pay Per Click (PPC) model means you only pay when a person clicks on your ad and visits your website. 

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Most Flexible Advertising Platform

With AdWords, you can target your audiences via search term, interest, browsing behavior or even visitors who have visited your site or your competitors’ sites.

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Most Comprehensive Data Driven

Google ads provides a more complex campaign insight and data for advertisers to identify industry trends and effectively fine-tune their strategies to improve ads performance.

Finest Google Ads Agency and PPC Services for Your Business in Singapore

Do you want to enhance your business in terms of an exciting and unparalleled Google Ads campaign and looking forward to sitting back and watching traffic to surf your website?
Yes, it is all possible with a righteous Google Ads campaign! We are a leading Google Ad agency in Singapore that generates the best-in-class leads, thus resulting in increased sales. We also offer the best PPC services in Singapore.
In today’s highly competitive world, integrating your business calls for an unwavering dedication and accurate management that can only be achieved with the help of an effective Google Ads agency like us. We being the topmost Google Ads agency in Singapore provide killer strategies to target potential customers while helping cranking out sales and thus resulting in a complete integration of your business.

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We help you stay at the top with our ingenious PPC campaigning strategy. If you are looking for quick, immediate and speedy results, PPC campaigns are proved to be more effective than SEO. When a customer clicks on your ad and visits your website, you pay. To improve your Ad performance, we fine-tune your strategies to achieve the following:

1. Maximised Leads

We improvise your marketing funnel for maximum lead generation. Let us help to convert your viewers into potential customers. No more canvassing, no more cold calling!

2. Qualified traffic

Based on our past experiences working with clients from different industries and size of Ad accounts, we assure to optimize Ad quality scoring and outsmart your Competitors’ Ads that’ll drive more qualified traffic. In a nutshell, more qualified traffic results in increased ROI.

3. Proven ROI

Focusing heavily on converting the right people, we bring in customers that will undoubtedly purchase your product. Our conversion focus strategy gives a dynamic rise to your ROI policy.

Assessing New Business Leads
Generating New Customers and Visitor Footfalls

Aii Develop
Operational Plan

Every business is unique and has unique needs. We strategize, design and implement customized PPC/Google Ads campaigns for our clients.

1. Research

We recommend the right budget and strategy to your campaigns through business objective, market trend and competitive analysis.

2. Configuration

We analyze the audience targeting, audience interest as well as relevant keywords in order to set up your ad account and campaigns.

3. Optimization

Optimize your ad campaigns via A/B testing, bid management, ads tuning and refining keywords to obtain the best performance.

4. Reporting

Monitor the data driven and generate monthly reports for performance review and business insights sharing.

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This is the most common question that pops up in the mind of first-time clients and advertisers, where exactly their Google Ads appear. Well, it depends on the types of ad and some basic configuration factors such as the segmentation or targeting you have selected, the demographic characteristics, geographic limitations, audiences based on age, gender, and habit. Based on the targeting, your ads can appear on the Google Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs), Google Display Network, and various shopping tabs on the Google search in selected countries at the time when your prospective customers are in the process of searching for products and services.

When it comes to displaying Google ads on Google’s Search Engine Result Pages, the potential audience is what matters the most. Your certain ads will show only to the people who are your prospective clients searching for the keywords in the selected language and location you have chosen. For display or video ads, your ads will show to the targeted audience based on their browsing behavior, demographics, topics or interests etc.

For the newcomers, it is a frequent question that is reasonable when you are bidding on something like PPC Ad campaigning. The most common and infuriating answer is, ‘it depends’. You have to measure several variables first. In brief, Google ads are based on an auction system. The budget for promotion will depend on the campaigning strategy, level of competition, number of leads generated, and more. Aiidevelop will provide a comprehensive analysis of the competitors and market research to provide the clients with insight on their prospective budget. Last, but not least we have our management fee as well for the service we provide.