Facebook Ads vs Google Ads Which Should You Be Using for Your Business?

Google Ads vs Facebook Ad

Several Advertisers often face tough decisions when it comes to choosing between Facebook Ads and Google Ads. It’s important to know that the two work towards the primary goal of encouraging lead generation and increasing sales. You can’t decide without reliable information, and you can’t have reliable information without reliable sources. For those in need of PPC services in Singapore, you can use both platforms to achieve optimal results. So, consider the following before picking the right platform that gives you the finest results.


The Big Debate Google Ads vs Facebook Ads

Facebook ads and Google ads are both effective, with both providing outstanding results to businesses. The decision of which advertising method to use will depend on your target audience, business goals, and niche. To get the best results in your marketing campaigns, make sure you test different versions and measure results over time to prevent waste. So, we shall distinguish between Facebook ads and google ads to make a wise decision depending on your business needs. 


How do They work? 

The vast difference between Google Ads and Facebook Ads depends entirely on how your products and services are represented to shoppers. For instance, Google Ads displays relevant Ads to internet users searching for specific products or services, which explain why using Google Ads is a good option for lead generation and conversion. On the other hand, Facebook Ads algorithms identify user needs and display Ads within their interest. 


If you are striving for brand outreach, then Facebook Ads could be a viable option. Paid Google Ads allow advertisers to target specific web users based on the keyword they search on Google search result. Google paid ads often appear on the first Search engine Result Pages (SERP). Look for an agency that offers cost-effective PPC services in Singapore and gives you the optimum level of results. 


Advantages of Google Ads 

Potential Audience Reach: 

Advertising your service and products through google ads could increase your page views. Google handles more than 2 trillion searches yearly, and they can reach a possible audience. You can target individuals in specific demographics based on their search history.


Various Ads Formats: When you hire a professional Google AdWords agency in Singapore, you’ll have access to multiple addons, including location extensions, call extensions, site link extensions, and price extensions. Furthermore, advertisers can use image ads, video ads, text ads, call-only ads, PLA/shopping Ads, etc.


Advertiser Equality: 

You don’t require a heavy budget to be competitive. Instead, it would be best if you focused on your ad quality and performance. However, you should know that Google works on Ads quality, expected impact, and keyword bid. A PPC agency in Singapore can help you create ads of the highest quality while also costing you less.


Advantages of Facebook Ads 

There are so many factors to consider when it comes to comparing Google Ads and Facebook Ads. For instance, Facebook boasts of being capable of targeting an unparalleled audience. Secondly, Facebook offers attractive visual ads that will grab the attention of your intended audience. And lastly, Facebook offers incredible ROI and allows you to achieve goals without spending a lot of money.


Which Should You Be Using?

We believe that Facebook Ads and Google Ads are two sides of the same coin. Every business should carefully consider its strategy to make educated decisions on which platform to use. As we have said before, Google Ads are ideal for lead conversion, while Facebook Ads are best for Brand outreach. Hire a PPC services provider in Singapore that can offer competitive pricing without compromising the quality.