Create A Profitable Google AdWords Campaign From Scratch With These Simple Steps

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Launching a new Google Adwords campaign is the most exhilarating procedure ever. When you are about to click the Enable icon on the new campaign, what comes into mind is fear, anxiety, excitement, and hope. If you’re just a starter to all these things, then you might be afraid. We get it. With the right and experienced Google AdWords agency in Singapore, things are likely to fall in place.


Steps of creating a profitable Google AdWords from scratch.


Step 1: Is There Customer Demand?

Creating an ad is a very creative affair and researching about the searches for your products and services is a very important aspect. Google AdWords will be meaningless if you have no customers.


You can use Google Keywords Planner, which is a free keyword research tool. In Google Keyword planner you just need to enter keywords and it will showcase related phrases. Google Keywords Planner will also tell you how frequently people search the phrases.


Step 2: What is the cost of Advertising Top Keywords?

You will be charged to advertise your keywords. The keyword bidding cost will depend on its value and it can be different from the other keywords. Ensure to categorize the most profitable keywords; you will gain quick revenue.


Step 3: Perform Competitor Analysis

After researching for the keywords that are relevant for your business, the next step will be leveraging your competitors to reduce risk. If you are starting your Google AdWords campaign, you can be sure that your competitors are far ahead of you.


Analyze your competitor’s AdWords accounts using tools like KeywordSpy and find their weaknesses and strengths. The results will help you to create a unique keyword that will distinguish you. A professional Google AdWords agency in Singapore can help in performing excellent competitor analysis.


Step 4: Leverage a Powerful USP

USP stands for unique selling proposition. Your USP is what puts you above your competition. What is unique in your business? When building a Google AdWords campaign, you should have a distinguishing feature that sets you apart from the competition.


Adding a strong USP to your AdWords campaign will provide the following benefits:


  • Boost your traffic by attracting new leads and rejecting those who aren’t interested.
  • Increases your sales conversion rates
  • It increases your customers.


Step 5: Have an Irresistible Offer

Make your goods or service so appealing to your consumers that they will find it difficult to reject it. Ensure your product is more valuable than the price and appears more realistic.


Step 6: Create Compelling Ads

Make your adverts appealing in order to attract only qualified people and discourage unqualified ones. This is because you will be charged each time someone clicks on your advert. Hire a Google AdWords company in Singapore that can create mobile ads that are attractive enough for the users to click on.


Step 7: Use Relevant Landing Pages

Your customers might need to learn more about your product if they are interested in it and click on your ad. Create a landing page for your ad that redirects to your homepage. The landing page must contain good quality content with relevant keywords.


Step 8: Conversion Tracking

Conversion trackers allow you to see which advertisements and keywords are generating the most revenue. The conversion tracking tool in your Google app will assist you in completing the process.


Step 9: AdWords Settings for Success

Ensure the settings are correct for a successful campaign. The following are areas that need to be addressed in the settings.


Set your network to a search network instead of the display network. Check negative keywords and block them from making your campaign waste.


Step 10: Optimization

Your account is now ready to advertise your product. Optimize your ad ensuring that it remains profitable.


Key areas to improve your Google AdWords campaign.


1. Your keyword bids.

Adjust your keyword bid according to the number of sales and profit you are making until you get ranked at the top.


2. Your ad click-through rate (CTR).

It is one of the important parameters that determine the quality of an ad. It will determine your ad quality score and the amount you have to pay per click. Optimize your CTR with A/B testing.


3. Your landing page conversion rate.

There are numerous tools available to assist you in testing alternative landing page variations, but if you are a beginner, you can use Google Optimize.


Starting a Google AdWords campaign isn’t an easy thing. However, the steps above will help you do the necessary without any difficulty. Remember, you need a Google AdWords agency to simplify things for you. You may opt for Google AdWords agency in Singapore and put all your worries behind your back.