Consider These Factors Before Starting Keyword Research

Consider These Factors Before Starting Keyword Research

Do you know the importance of keywords when it comes to performing SEO? Do you know incorrect keywords can hamper your website and never allow it to rank higher? If yes, then keep reading and follow the blog. 


Wrong keyword targeting in the content is a disaster. No matter how much traffic you get from ranking, it doesn’t matter. This is why keyword research has prominence. It is best to consult an SEO expert in Singapore for this purpose. You can increase traffic relevant to your business and objectives by understanding your target audience and their requirements, needs, and search goals. 


Combine this with an understanding of how search engines work, and you tune in to find the most relevant and likely potential customers. Today we have structured a list of a few mandatory points to consider before conducting keyword research as some prominent SEO firms in Singapore.


Before starting keyword research, consider the following factors:

1. The Searcher’s Intent                           

The purpose of SEO is to introduce your company to people who are looking for what you are selling but have no idea about you. However, other intentions come into play when search engine users enter relevant keyword queries for your products and services. The SEO price in Singapore varies as per the number of keywords.

2. Build a List of Relevant Topics 

Before researching individual keywords, it is important to think about the most relevant topics to your target audience. These are general topics related to your business and products.

3. Refine Topics into Keywords 

When you have a sizable list of topics, you should start with about 20 topics, break it down into sections based on the type of content you can create. Keywords are relevant and valuable when you think about the type of content you want to use keywords for.

4. Location 

Not only will the results and ordering change, but the overall search volume will vary by location. Until recently, you could check the search results for various locations both on Google and many local ranking tools. However, Google removed the roaming search filter and local scope testing is also not available in most scope testing tools.

5. Branded Keyphrases 

Brand Key Phrases are phrases that you “own” instead of non-branded phrases, which tend to be more commercial. Making sure you figure in all the terms of your brand is not just good practice, it also helps with reputation management. 

6. Current Ranking Position 

 Unless you start your SEO campaign from scratch, your business has a keyword territory to defend and a keyword territory to track. Extreme visibility on Google for a standard search, local packages, and other targeted search screens leads to traffic and more. The SEO experts in Singapore always keep an eye on the ranking of your web pages.

7. Target a Specific Part of the Funnel

People at the top of the funnel don’t even know they still need your product or service. Instead, these people are primarily interested in education or other subject information and usually solve a problem and we need to provide the right content. 

You should not select keywords randomly. The best SEO firms in Singapore can assist you with perfect keyword research. Compare these against a set of key criteria that will help you evaluate all angles. 


The best keywords should be balanced and analyzed based on expected volume, competition, and where searchers might be in the “buying cycle”.