Basic Do’s and Don’ts of Effective Website Design

Basic Do’s and Don’ts of Effective Website Design

Whenever you are crafting a new website, there are so many things you have to consider first. Right from designing it in an SEO-friendly manner to making it informative for potential customers, you need to think about it all. As per some of the best web design and development in Singapore companies, your website is the one-stop solution for increasing your leads.


To avoid mistakes with website designing services, there are some basic dos and don’ts that you must follow, as mentioned by reputed web design company Singapore here.

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  • Make sure to always think about your audience:

The primary goal of any business is to sell the service or product. It is important to know more about your audience and then decide on ways you can move them from one discovery point to finally buying the product. The web development company Singapore will help you with the designing and developing of the website content after keeping the needs of customers in mind.


  • Value of content:

Content is essential if you want to increase traffic to your website. Creating concise, short, and engaging content for the website will be a vital goal to consider. Be sure to write relevant content on the site. Be sure to avoid jargon and ensure that your content is easy to understand.


  • Dealing with the interface factor:

The interface is quite important when it comes to the effective design of a website. A nice user interface will convert passive visitors into active ones. A user interface will have engaging content with some attractive designs along the way.

A major part of the UI/UX is that users must have the same experience on every device. No matter how they choose to view it. So, the aim is to develop a consistent and similar design suitable for all devices. So, proper interface style is a major part of web development services in Singapore these days.


  • Avoid including ads and promotions:

Adding promotions on the website might help you to earn more but it will surely steal the show. It will overshadow the website’s content and be mostly ignored by customers. Ads and promotions can degrade the present website’s outlook and make it harder for users to read the content.


  • Avoid opening links in new tabs:

As per the website designing company in Singapore, all the internal links should open in the same tab. The users need to use the “back” button. You can include warnings if you are willing to open external links in the new window.

Under the don’ts category, the best web design company in Singapore will expect you not to use many colors and never make any kind of assumption about the user’s expectations.

Check-in with the best web development company in Singapore to learn more about the different do’s and don’ts of the web designing field.