A Quick Guide To Google’s Three-Strike Ad Policy System

A Quick Guide To Google’s Three-Strike Ad Policy System

There is no doubt that advertisements play a significant role in making your business a success and reaching out to people as much as possible. It helps you to get a wider reach and make your presence felt. Today every brand is trying to make associations with Google AdWords agency and PPC companies to ensure that their content remains at the top and the website functions smoothly. 


Recently, it was announced that Google would launch the There Strike Ad Policy System in the field of advertising that may affect its functioning a little bit. Under this policy, repeat offenders of three of its current policies will get a series of penalties (strikes)—with the third strike resulting in indefinite account suspension. 


Therefore, the companies providing PPC services in Singapore will be required to make sure that they adhere to the policies without hesitation. 

How is Google’s Three-Strike Ad Policy System? 

If you are in touch with a Google AdWords agency in Singapore, you might be aware that the disapprovals are received under specific situations. 


Often the warning signs are provided, and the advertisements are taken down until and unless the copied parts are eliminated. However, if you continue to violate the policies, you will be entering the strike system that will not prove excellent and beneficial for you. So, here is what the strike system is all about. 

Strike 1

Strike one comes into action when you continue to violate the same policy that you have been warned about earlier by Google within 90 days. If the repetition occurs during the same period, you are subject to getting strikes for sure. 


It will put your services on hold for three days, and your PPC company in Singapore will also not be able to do anything about it. It appears like your account is on hold for a temporary basis. 


Once the three days are over, the account will typically run while the ad will remain disabled if not changed. 

Strike 2

The second strike takes place if the policy is violated within 90 days of Strike one. As this occurs, the account stops working for seven days. In addition to this, you will be required to fill an acknowledgement form along with the corrected ad to the desired authorities. 

Strike 3

Your Google AdWords agency will make sure to a great extent that this does not happen. But if you keep on violating the policy even after 90 days of receiving a second strike, then your account will be suspended for an indefinite period. 


The authorities will become harsh on you. Therefore, make sure that you find the best PPC services provider in Singapore who remains updated about such policies and other stuff. 


Some marketing gurus consider advertising on Google to be more complicated, but actually, the truth is Google is making its platform safer and more intact. Follow Google Ads Algorithms to prevent yourself from penalties and strikes.