8 Proven Link-Building Strategies For 2021

Link-Building Techniques

Connecting to the current rules and growing criteria on expertise, resources, information, and perseverance has been there for years. Much has been said that ties are a factor of ranking. Many SEOs concentrated only on content and web SEO and forgotten links saying, “We already know everything about links” But are they all aware of links?


Before April 2012, by adding more and more ties, one could easily buy website ranking. A little more and a little more of these ties, and the first search engine results page will be ranked. Yeah, it’s gone for a long time. Now the Google Penguin Spam Filter is in the main algorithm of Google and operates in real-time.


Links now can have a risk and the risk should be known to you


Were you aware that most people would just look up the root sites, the comparison page and call this “the backlink” either in today’s world or at SEO? You can hire an SEO company in Singapore and enjoy good growth. 



Start A Blog 

One of the first things you need to keep in mind is that you have a blog of your own. The blog has to be perfect with unique content. The content must have a niche and also should be focused on getting traffic on your website. This can be developed with help of a professional SEO services provider in Singapore.



Skyscraper Technique 

This is also one of my favoured strategies for building links to my website. Learn the best stuff, build a much higher quality of content, importance, and ties. This is the actual importance of the technique of skyscrapers. Brian Dean originally invented this technique. 



Building Links With Content 

A relation from the reference page to the target page is a relation – that was always the case. SEOs have long been fascinated with displaying the Pagerank or other connecting page metric. LRT is the only program to take into account the link source page and goal page when evaluating the importance and risk of links or even possible links.



Link Building With Infographics 

It’s one of the techniques that I use to link construction. The establishment of ties with the aid of infographics is now quite common and really helps. This is because for your infographic you bring relevance to other sites and then ask for a connection. To build fantastic infographics, you can use software such as Canva or Visme. An SEO agency can be your best companion in understanding the concept.



Links Through Guest Posting 

You may think it is a good way to create several ties to your website to write a lengthy, authoritative guest post. Do you think that’s that simple, however?


Ok, it isn’t that nowadays guest blogging is spammy. The SEO services can offer you endless benefits for guest posting. 


It is not so simple unless you have a decent reputation on the market to have your post published on the fantastic website.



Broken Link Building 

This is the best way to connect the techniques of my SEO List and it’s fun too. For that, a free Chrome plugin named ‘check my connections’ would have to be enabled. Then go to the blog page of your rivals and press the extension icon to see about all the broken ties on the website.


Resource Page Link Building 

This is a great way of getting traffic on your page. Bloggers these days love to make a bog that gets links from the resource page. 


List Your Site In Trustworthy Directories 

Last but not least you must never forget to make your website listed on the directories. This will increase your visibility and more blogs will get connected to your page for good traffic and increased earnings. You can get in touch with a specialist SEO company in Singapore and understand the concept better and in detail for an increased ROI.