8 Mobile Ads Strategies You Should Start Using In 2021

8 Mobile Ads Strategies You Should Start Using In 2021

Right now, the number of mobile users is very high in comparison to other device users. With the increased number of mobile searches, it has become essential to perform proper mobile advertising. You must make sure that you get in touch with a reputed Google Adwords agency in Singapore to get the best brand name formed. 

Here are some mobile advertising strategies to make your brand a success.


  • Contact Number

You must know that most of the customers are formed over phone calls. Therefore, you must add a phone number that can contact your firm by the users to get all the information they want. Also, while providing the advertisements, you can use it for highlighting your contact number. 


  • Provide Incentive

People love to get discounts and offer when buying products and services. Therefore, to get more visitors to your site, you can provide certain offers like free shipping, discounts, or vouchers to motivate people to click on your ads. The PPC agency in Singapore makes sure that such moves are not left behind.


  • Customisation of Ads

Focusing on your target audience and customising the ads as per their behaviour and interests helps in the marketing strategy. Such measures help in increasing the rates of mobile conversions. You must invest your time, capital, and energy in creating ads that will find success among the target audience.


  • Use Social Media Platforms

Social media has become an excellent place for the advertising industry nowadays. The majority of the people have access to at least one or more social media platforms and can see your ads. By pairing your campaigns with social media channels, you can drive better traffic towards your brand.


  • Keeping Ads Lightweight

If you are in touch with a Google Ad Words Agency in Singapore, you must be knowing that the ad loading time is a crucial factor in determining the user experience. If the ad is not effective enough and takes a lot of time to get loaded, it will result in a negative brand experience and the users may not revisit your site. 


  • Landing on Wrong Pages

One of the most significant problems users faces these days is landing on some irrelevant page following a click. Their tap must not redirect them away from the application that they are using. It leads to a decrease in the rates of your CTR.


  • See the Engagement

In the present times, advertisers use multiple channels to interact with people and make moves based on their behaviour and choices. In addition to this, interactive ads have played a significant role in interacting with the audience.


  • Use of Videos

The videos are a more effective way to connect as compared to the texts. The videos convey the messages with ease in a short duration of time. They offer better memory retention and act as one of the best forms of mobile advertising.


Get in touch with a PPC agency in Singapore to avail of all the benefits and start getting good business for your company.