7 Tips To Create Simple & Responsive Mobile Navigation For Your Website

Tips To Create Simple Mobile Navigation For Your Website

We have well and truly made our way into 2022 and the world has reached new digital milestones as has become the trend. The number of global mobile users went up by 95 million in only last year, taking the total figure up to 5.31 billion. This is the equivalent of 67.1% of the entire global population, which speaks volumes of the influence of mobile devices in the modern world.

This is why it has become a must for website designers to cater to mobile users. Contributing to 90% of the global web traffic gives them a good reason to do so. A website designed with responsive navigation for mobile users not only improves user experience but gets you a better SEO ranking as well. Any of the SEO consultant Singapore will tell you the same.


Here are 7 tips that will help you get your mobile navigation right.

Navigation Planning

Like any other journey, you need to have a plan in mind before setting out. In website terms, it is referred to as a ‘sitemap’ where the foundation for the whole navigation is laid. The style and format of navigation planning are entirely subjective, given there are no bugs or errors. The objective should include maximum information without making it look cluttered on a standard mobile screen.


List the most important pages first

Nobody likes fillers, especially when they are visiting a website for some purpose. The more important pages; the core of your website, must be among the first things a visitor comes across. If they get lost in an irrelevant mess, it is bound to make them leave.


Think of search as part of your navigation

Navigation is essentially a major objective of a search button. It exists to take a visitor to their preferred destination and definitely deserves attention. A well-optimized and deep search service is just what a mobile user would want on a website.


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Include a prominent search button

Now that you have a search button in your navigation plans, you must ensure it is prominent enough to be spotted easily. It is easy for the button to go unnoticed on the smaller screen of a mobile phone. Using icons, larger text, contrasting colour schemes, and various other style options can help you avoid that.


Ensure it’s easy to return to the homepage

The objective of mobile-friendly navigation is to make it easy for a user to reach any point from anywhere as easily as possible. It also includes returning to the homepage. On a standard website with multiple web pages, it is easy to lose track and the user might want to track back to the front page.


Make CTAs obvious

Call-To-Action buttons are supposed to encourage the viewer into taking action. Hence it would simply make them lose their point if you fail to make them stand out. Try anything that can make them visually emphasised.


Design for the multi-screen mobile user

You have to count on the possibility that a user might access your website on multiple devices simultaneously. Keeping the desktop and mobile versions visually similar ensures the visitors don’t feel out of place anywhere. Many websites choose to have a common theme and design responsive website across every available operating system for this very reason.

Whether you own a website or develop websites as a profession, ignoring the mobile userbase would be a huge mistake. Responsive navigation is a must for optimal user experience and is vital in the long run. Studies have shown that mobile-friendly websites do better in SEO rankings as well. Combined with the best SEO in Singapore, a mobile-optimized website can rise through the ranks faster than you could have ever expected.

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