7 Tips For Better Local SEO Reporting

7 Tips For Better Local SEO Reporting

There are plenty of small businesses that don’t have a website at all due to the complexities of it despite the business owners wanting one. Building a website seems like a complicated process, but it’s not all true. Nowadays, with the world just at our fingertips, it is more necessary than ever to have a basic website or web presence at least. If you got a website up and running, then it’s good news because you’re already doing better than the others or you can seek assistance from SEO services in Singapore or from SEM marketing in Singapore to get your business locally advertised. 


Local SEO allows customers looking for a nearby solution to discover your business.  For your business, it means more visibility, more customers and more income. So if you want to drive as much traffic to the site as possible, then you must follow local SEO best practices or hire an SEO service in Singapore. How will you expand your local SEO and get discovered more easily on the web? Obviously, by following the below guide on better local SEO reporting and by SEM marketing in Singapore. 

Following are the tips for better local SEO reporting. 

1. Creating a Google My Business Account

If you’re a beginner in the local SEO world, you’re probably wondering how to bring your business to Google. You must create a Google business profile listing if you do nothing else to promote your local SEO. By doing this, you are essentially enlisting yourself on the yellow pages of the internet. Above that, this is one of the top factors influencing local SEO. It is absolutely easy and uncomplicated to set up a Google Business Profile. The most important thing, though, is that your profile should be 100% completed. You should ensure that you fill out every field possible to have a 100% profile completion rate, or you could get an SEO service in Singapore to assist you with it.


Below are some other Google Business Profile SEO tips that can be helpful:

  • Make sure you create a great business description
  • Properly list out the products and services you have to offer
  • Frequently publish and engage in posts
  • Earn more reviews on your Google My Business page
  • Make sure to add frequently asked questions and answers

2. Optimising Your URLs and Tags

Optimising your URLs, title tags, and meta descriptions is the basic ground when practising local SEO.  However, some, if not most local businesses tend to forget its significance. Another great tip for ranking better locally is to include the city, region, district, and other possible target keywords within those fields.  When Google indexes this information, you’ll have a better chance over others to show up in the results for those keywords specific to your area. If it’s too complex for you, you can always get an SEO service in Singapore to do it for you. 

3. Stay advanced with Optimised Voice Search and being Mobile Friendly

In this advanced era, all of us are equipped with mobile phones so it’s not at all surprising when Google announced that they will give ranking priority to mobile phones as opposed to computers. Along with that, in order to stay ahead of the market, you should pay attention to the upcoming Google trends, including voice search and voice assistants.  The purpose of this is because many people are using the voice function for search and questions have become a common type of search query. 


When you think about people utilising voice search, you can start assembling long tail and short-tail keywords that make up the questions your customers would ask. SEO services in Singapore excel in this and can take your business four steps ahead. When Google acknowledges your local business, then your business will start showing up locally when a person searches via voice.  

4. Business Directories on Other Platforms

There are a plethora of other directory platforms where you can input your business name, contact data, address, and website. Facebook, Foursquare, Yelp, TripAdvisor, MapQuest, and Bing are a few of those other online directories where you’ll be able to input your business details so that people using these platforms will easily find you.


Inputting your business’ NAP on these other online platforms will reaffirm communication between those sites, and Google will reinforce your ranking position in local search results (SERP). Google’s algorithm has gotten more complicated, and it no longer views every link equally. For a better understanding, hire an SEO service in Singapore to do the work for you. 

5. Capitalising on Local Terms such as Neighbourhoods and Districts 

As a local business owner, it’s more likely that you and your local customers use common phrases specific to your city, district, or your local area. There are plenty of benefits to this, as you’ll be able to slide up better in your customer’s local searches.  If you wonder why you might be drawing a blank on this type of keyword?  You can try adding parks, streets, local events, neighbourhoods, and other community topics in your articles or blog!  

6. Getting Positive Reviews from your Customers

This is an obvious one, but requesting your customers for feedback can really do wonders for your business.  Not only because you can enhance your services to your customers, but your positive reviews on Google, Yelp, Facebook, and Foursquare, will only solidify your presence on Google My Business.‍ For continuous updating of your website, you can get an SEO service in Singapore to do it for you. 

7. Blog about Local Events and Get Coverage

Being an active member of your local community in real life has worked wonders for businesses before the internet era. Now that we are all digitally connected, local businesses must go the extra mile and bring that local activity online. This is a great chance for businesses to have some fun by creating a blog featuring local events or even being super active on social media. 


Follow these tips for better local SEO reporting, or hire an SEO service in Singapore to do it for you!