7 Super-Effective Video Marketing Tips

Video marketing tips in Singapore

Video marketing has been an excellent booster for online business. Currently, many Singapore firms rely on platforms such as Google, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube to advertise their products and services through videos. So, when it comes to using videos for marketing, there are lots of things you’ll need to consider to grab your viewers’ attention. Video marketing can create brand awareness and increase leads. Before hiring the best SEO company in Singapore, below are some tips you may need to consider. 


Entice viewers to click in 7 seconds 

The quality of your audience is what will retain your views. The first 7 seconds of your videos are crucial because it’s the time when your audience will choose to proceed or to stop watching the videos. So, create appealing content and introduce your content within the first 3-7 seconds. If possible, make a question that’s in line with your audience’s expectations. Lastly, focus on visuals, and you’ll earn your audience’s trust.


Optimize your video for search 

As much as you pay full attention to video quality and content, you should also consider optimizing it for search engines. It’s ideal for posting the video privately on sites like Facebook and YouTube and optimize it before sharing it with the public. The best SEO company in Singapore can help you optimize the video with a catchy title, custom thumbnails, relevant tags, and captioning scripts. 


Create your video about the story, not the sale.

When your viewers realize that you are so focused on sales rather than a story, they will get demoralized. When you are too interested in selling your products rather than providing information, there is a high chance that the view won’t watch your video for long. Put all your focus on quality instead of expecting the best outcome. 


Use humor in your video. Stop being so boring! 

Many of us do not understand comedy values until we realize how effective it is in passing information. Don’t think that your video should be too formal until it lacks humor. As much as you put your point across, make the viewers laugh and break the boredom. If you are the kind who uses boring videos, the chances are high that you won’t attract the attention of many audiences, and the result is that you won’t get the best traffic. A professional SEO agency in Singapore knows exactly about the target audience and their taste preferences. 


End with a call-to-action (CTA) 

Why are you sharing the videos publicly? Well, after informing your audience through the videos, what do you stand to gain? Video marketing is all about getting your views to purchase your product or service, and you should convince them not to force them. Depending on the quality of the information you’ve provided, the audience can decide to act or let go. So, you should end your video with a call to action, like convincing them to buy your product.


Share video across all your platforms.

Lastly, you can share your video across all the social media platforms to attract more customers. The more clicks you get, the higher the chance of you getting many potential customers. Putting links to your videos on social platforms like Twitter and Facebook will increase the views. However, hiring the best SEO company in Singapore can help get the best video marketing strategy.