7 Super Effective Tips For Writing Google Ad Words

7 Super Effective Tips For Writing Google Ads

It is a tedious and creative task to write Google Ad Words to impress users after reading it. Space and the characters provided are so limited that they can test your creativity and presence of mind to its best. Along with that, you have to be unique to beat your competitors and get high conversion rates.


Here are some tactics to make your Google Adwords super-effective for users.


  • Look for the end goal

While creating ads, you must have noticed that people use almost the exact keywords, and every other advertisement seems to speak the same thing. So, sometimes, you may get drifted away from the fact of what people will acquire from your product or service.

It would be best to keep in mind what your targeted audience is looking for while searching or browsing the pages. You can provide this information to any Google AdWords agency in Singapore, and they will make sure that your ad stands out from others.


  • Use of countdown timers

Recently, progress in the form of applying countdown timers on ads has taken place. Advertisers are using the concept of loss aversion to increase their pay-per-clicks and conversion rates.

The addition of a countdown timer will motivate the consumers to take any action by fearing their loss. Doing this will also provide you with an extra edge over your competitors.


  • Stay and keep users updated.

There is no doubt that your advertisements should be current as whatever is happening in the present will affect people. Therefore, any recent happenings will receive more eyeballs and interest from people than something that has happened a few months back. 


  • Become super-specific

Since the space provided for Google Adwords is less, and you need to reach out to many people, you must stay to the point. Wherever possible, you can add numbers in your description as they are easy to remember and offer more accuracy and credibility. It helps you achieve a high click-through rate.


  • Stay engaging

While writing an ad word, focus on using words like ‘we’, ‘us’, ‘I’, and much more as they signify that your focus is on customer’s needs and you care for them. The use of such words appears to be personal and leads to several benefits. Developing engaging content is what matters the most.


  • Try to make your ads hyper-local

If you are in touch with a Google Ad Words agency in Singapore, you must be aware that making ads hyper-local helps increase conversion rates. People need to know that the services that they are looking for are in their geographical proximity. 


  • Start testing

When all you need to focus on is your writing, you don’t need to worry about other things. You must make the Google Ads effective and glorious using all the techniques described above and start testing your progress. To boost sales and generate more business for your brand, you should consider hiring a professional Google Ad Words agency in Singapore.