7 Biggest Website Designing Trends For 2021

7 Biggest Website Designing Trends For 2021

Businesses have now given up the traditional method of engaging customers for a long time. All the commercial organizations worldwide have recognized that the website is the best source of customer engagement in the present. Websites are the first point of customer contact for businesses nowadays. There is a reason businesses tend to hire the best website designing company in Singapore because they help their clients keep up with the changing trends.


When it comes to web design, there is no rulebook. Everything on the internet works based on trends. The below-mentioned trends are the new practices of the website designing industry right now! 


  • Parallax animation

This animation is based upon our everyday experience of scenic landscape views through our cars. Just as the objects nearer to the viewer seems to move faster, the same thing happens on the website as well. The elements closer to the vision of the visitor will look to move faster. Parallax is often used to showcase subtle-not-so-subtle separation of website elements. 


  • Neomorphism

It is a combination of material design and skeuomorphism. Although this has been in use for a long time, it’s been evolving as per the trends change. Skeuomorphism gives your website’s navigation a 3-D look, while material design emulates the look and feel of your product’s real-life version. This trend allows the developer to use simple colours and icons to create a minimalistic but well-designed website.


  • Retro fonts

The use of retro fonts is returning to prominence. It has become a popular choice among website designers as it exudes a nostalgic feel to them. In addition, the contrast of retro fonts against eclectic content works well on many sites, especially those trying to appeal to a younger audience.


  • Horizontal scrolling

Website designing company in Singapore earlier conferred horizontal scrolling was once considered outdated, but nowadays, it is a way of life for creative websites. The primary purpose of horizontal scrolling is not to be different but to allow visitors to scroll through both text and graphic content as an image gallery. Now, the concept of horizontal scrolling has evolved beyond that.


  • Frosted Glass Effects

It has got it all. It is simple to create. It allows for more use of colors. It gives a transparent effect to the elements of your website. Another best part about the frosted glass effect is to provide a modern touch that will look great on your site whether you’re interested in modernism, flat designs, or the latest trends in web design—a complete package, to be honest.


  • Three-dimensional colors

The gradient color schemes gave the web developers a new way to use the colors. These developers use multiple shades of black paint to provide a 3D effect to the website. The shadows and colors are combined very beautifully and elegantly to give a unique 3D view of the website. 


  • Material Design

It is a website language designed by Google back in 2014. As with all the things of Google, this thing also didn’t go out of trend. The material allows for eliminating the element of flatness in the website and instead adds natural colors and textures to the website. The primary purpose of the material is the ease of access facilitated by easy identification of website elements.